PIX your ultimate destination for luxury pickleball gear that combines sophistication with top-tier design

In her 30+ years in Austin, TX, Tina Cannon excelled in sports like golf and tennis but was frustrated by the subpar pickleball gear available. Determined to fill this gap, Tina, a seasoned entrepreneur, researched materials and designs to enhance performance and comfort. Her entrepreneurial spirit was ignited at a party when she noticed the lack of stylish and functional pickleball apparel.

Reconnecting with long-time entrepreneur and friend Satish Kodukula, Tina found a kindred spirit. Satish, a passionate sports enthusiast, had always been deeply involved in various athletic activities. His love for sports extended beyond mere participation; he was constantly exploring innovative features that could improve athletic performance and technology. Whether it was playing basketball, building sport tech companies or experimenting with new sports like pickleball, Satish's enthusiasm for sports was boundless. They met years ago in Austin when they both had different startups, and Tina knew Satish's keen eye for detail and relentless drive for improvement would be invaluable.

Tina shared her vision with Satish, and Christi and together, they aimed to provide a high-end luxury experience for pickleball enthusiasts. Their combined expertise and passion for sports led to the creation of a brand that truly understood the needs of athletes.

In 2024, Tina and Satish launched PIX Sports Gear, dedicated to offering high-quality, stylish, and luxurious pickleball gear. A women and minority-owned, premium equipment, and meticulously designed apparel, PIX Sports Gear quickly gained a reputation for excellence. Today, PIX Sports Gear is a trusted brand among pickleball players worldwide, driven by Tina and Satish's passion and expertise.

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